Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So, as you know, Duke is holding an “elite camp” to help boost their recruiting. Other ACC schools including Maryland and N.C.State use the same tactic (How’s that workin’ out?) as does Florida among others.

Evidently, North Carolina won’t be joining that group. Roy Williams, who is enjoying the offseason after winning his second national title, said he has "zero problems" with other programs holding such camps; he pointed out that one of his former assistants, Mark Turgeon at Texas A&M, has held them in the past. But Williams "probably" won't as he doesn't want to deal with the various interpretations of the NCAA rules.

According to the Raleigh News& Observer, this is WHAT HE SAID: "It's so ambiguous as to what you can do,'' he said. "It's so ambiguous as how to do it. It's so much in the gray area to me .... There's a place for them, and a lot of coaches I talk to have had them. But... you're walking a tightrope with some of the issues and some of the questions, that I'm not comfortable doing that. And please understand, somebody else can do it ... I have zero problems with it. It's just I don't want to fight those questions, fight those issues, fight that step — right, left, fall off the cliff, I don't want to do those types of things.”

WHAT HE MEANT: “If Krzyvbncr4ski is doing it, Roy Williams ain’t doin’ it.”

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