Friday, August 14, 2009


It’s time to move the Nati(o)nal Spelling Bee to a city that can consistently spell the names of its professional sports franchises and players correctly. Is that too much to ask?

Evidently, it is in D.C.

Not long after the well publicized spelling gaff of the Washington Nati(o)nals (Natinals), the normally well proofed Redskins butchered a new player's name. That’s excusable since the guy's had name had a “z” in it. Names with Zs (like Krzydnvbr9ski) tend to confuse people and are frequently misspelled.

For example, we’ve seen “Krzyklmns3ski,” “Krzybnmpyt4ski” and “Kryzxcvqw5ski” on more than one occasion when members of the media, fans, potential recruits, USA Basketball, American Express, the Republican Party, Duke players and alums, as well as T.A.H., are referring to the Blue Devils’ head basketball coach Mike Kryzgjklp2ski. So mistakes do happen .
But Betts? How do you screw up Betts?

Well…Evidently, the put-the-name-on-the-jersey guy is a big Steelers fan and somehow (don’t ask us how), he confused the Skins journeyman Ladell Betts for the Steelers' Super Bowl winning All-Pro running back Jerome Bettis.

Happens all the time, it just goes unreported.

Nice, Redskins, NICE!

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