Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Heather Dinich gets paid by ESPN to do this. We are eternally grateful for that. If this isn’t enough to satisfy your ACC football appetite, click here.

Happy Monday, ACC fans. You know why it's a good Monday? Because it's the last full week without any ACC football. Let's get it over with, shall we?

(So, now that it’s Tuesday, things are even better!)

*First, The Sporting News put forth a few ACC predictions, and they're all good. Here's their best of the best in the ACC. Oh, and P.S. -- Terry Bowden says Bobby Bowden isn't going to retire at the end of the season.

*Wake Forest continues to pull players from the talent-rich state of Florida. Coach Jim Grobe said last year's offensive line "was soft and beat up." Will this year be any different? It should be.

*If you think playing college football is a full-time job, ask Maryland cornerback Richard Taylor how easy it is to play for the Terps and work four days a week for the Department of Transportation.

*The defensive line isn't the only concern up front for Georgia Tech. Especially when the o-line didn't play "worth a [crap]" in Friday's scrimmage.

*Right now Miami's backup quarterback doesn't have to play. So don't count on seeing much of Taylor Cook this fall.

*FSU defensive tackle Moses McCray isn't about to let his heart condition -- "athlete's heart" -- stop him from having a breakout season. And he's got the doc's permission to try.

*Marcus Gilchrist #12 appears to be the man taking over at free safety for Clemson, though those within the program say he could play anywhere.

*It's not unusual to have turnover at a program after a coaching change, but what stands out at UNC is the fact that more players left after Butch Davis' second season than his first.

*The state of North Carolina might have one of the best groups of quarterbacks it's ever seen.


  1. Taylor Cook doesn't play for Miami anymore so I guess you wouldn't be seeing much of him

  2. Who the heck is Taylor Cook? You don't actually think that we READ these links now do you? ...That's crazy talk. -- T.A.H.


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