Sunday, August 23, 2009


Toly Hansbrough’s Fauquier Youth Football League 6-7 Instructional Colts (referred to as the FYF Colts from here on in), picked up where last year’s undefeated season left off with a 13-0 defeat of the over matched FYF Eagles. (Each touchdown counts as one point.)

The Eagles had no answers for the Colts’ vaunted rushing game, and the Colts even managed to complete one pass for a touchdown (1-1, 40 yards, TD, 158.33 passer rating).

Nice, Colts, NICE!

(Editor's Note: Evidently, this post has offended some folks. No offense was meant in anyway. We didn't think the report was demonstrating "poor sportsmanship" as suggested in one of the comments below, and we still don't. We have also since learned that Clay's TD pass was called back by a penalty -- too many "men" down field...Toly?)


  1. This is the commissioner of FYF (Fauquier Youth Football)
    How sad is it that the coaching staff or whomever posted these statments posted incorrect information.

    FYF instructional division keeps scores by one. so the 80+ score post is incorrect. Last season was not competiton so the statment about an undefeated season, AGAIN...INCORRECT!!!.

    These types of actions, statements ect posted by an adult regarding a CHILDS sport doesnt say much for how this team is being taught sportmanship and/or respect for the game or their opponents.

    EVERY team will win and lose...
    How are the INSTRUCTIONAL colts going to take it if they are on the opposite side of the win?

  2. Hey, Mr. Commish, lighten up. This is Toly Hansbrough's dad -- Master Hansbrough is a ficticious character. This is a tongue-in-cheek view of sports (there may actually be some parody in there if you look around a bit). It is not viewed by the kids that play for the Colts.
    While this blog is read nationally, any Colts coverage is a family/friend thing and it isn't taken seriously by any of the relevant parties. We've amended the score to 13-0. No, harm intended.

    We have great kids, great coaches and great parents...and, when the Colts lose, which they surely will, they will be good sports about and learn the appropriate lessons. For now, let them have thier fun.

  3. This is an FYF Instructional Eagles Parent and your blog may not be read by the colts kids,it is however read by instructional Eagle parents. I think you are showing poor sportsmanship, especially coming from an adult. Your comment about "isn't taken seriously" is a joke. Practice what you preach. Of course you beat the Eagles, they are a brand new team and they lost with amazing dignity. I am sure you will be singing a different tune next year when 14 of your colts move up to Pee-Wee. This is an instructional league and most of these boys have never even held a football. In the spirit of instructional football I think you should learn how to be a better winner!! P.S. you may also want to see what the laws are about posting other children's pictures on your websites!! See ya on the field!!! Go FYF Instructional Eagles!!

  4. First off, apologies to Lynell, I called her Mr. Commish and I meant Ms. Commish. My bad. I have responded to her privately and noted that I appreciate her watchfulness while I don't agree with her position. Was I a little flip in my original comment? Yes, but that is the nature of this blog and part of the reason why thousands of people look at it. I took her comment seriously, and responded to her privately in a serious and professional manner. I believe she would tell you the same thing.

    What is written on T.A.H. is not a realistic depiction of how the Colts parents parent or how the Colts coaches coach. To me this “controversy” is a microcosm of the incredibly oversensitive world in which we now live.

    Look, I appreciate the fact the other parents read this blog or the Colts blog or whichever one Anonymous above is referring to, but let's take a breath here and look at the post and what it actually says, not what folks are seeing between the lines...

    Yes, the Eagles were good sports and so were the Colts. The blog post simply reflects that is was a one-sided game – which, for reporting purposes, it was. It’s only four sentences, so I hardly belabored the point.

    The Commish took issue with “undefeated.” Last year our guys scored more than the other guys and they knew that. As far as they were concerned, they won all their games whether the league kept score or not and whether or not the Commissioner understands that or not. So calling them “undefeated” last season is not unreasonable or showing poor sportsmanship. It is, what it is.

    The passer rating thing is a joke that the QBs parents thought was funny, the Nice, Colts, NICE! is sarcasm aimed at the grown up Colts’ parents and coaches.

    Remember, the kids don’t read the blog. Shoot, the kids don’t even “read” the Colts blog. They look at the pictures (sometimes), but I could write Mary Had A Little Lamb on it and no actual player would probably ever notice!

    Also, let's not forget that the league is keeping score, so the score is relevant whether any of us like it or not...So why is writing the score down showing poor sportsmanship?

    A few points to ponder: A) Toly Hansbrough doesn't exist - he's a fictitious character who appears now and again on T.A.H. (see today's issue by clicking on the header), and B) is "demolished" too strong a word? OK, you can debate that one...I didn’t say T.A.H. was perfect…but the rest simply says one team was outmatched and how that is “poor sportsmanship,” I’ll never know.

    As far as my saying it isn’t taken seriously, I meant the blog – and it isn’t taken seriously by the “relevant parties” which is what I said. The relevant parties for me are the Colts players, families, friends and coaches. Obviously, I can't control how seriously other parents take things.

    Look, I coached two kids basketball teams this winter -- one lost only won game and one only won one game. We all want the kids to have a good experience and learn something, and to me what anybody puts on any blog is irrelevant to what is really happening on the field week in and week out.

    Needless to say, I’m discouraged that so many people take things so seriously and are so sensitive. You know who really doesn’t care about any of this? My seven-year-old (the real Toly). All he wants to do is go run around with his buddies and please his coaches.

    Simply put, I think the folks who are having big issues with this are reading between the lines with more vigor than the situation merits.

    Finally, the children in the pictures are not identifiable. There is no posted roster available publicly nor does the post state either where or when the game took place. T.A.H. has more than one lawyer that says we're OK publishing this photo.

    I'm sorry you feel the way you do, but I simply don't agree.

    Good luck Saturday, I hope the Eagles have a great game.

  5. If your lawyer said that you are ok, why are you hiding the page now? Sounds like you have bad legal advice and know it. Or are you bluffing because you know that you don't have a clue. My lawyer said that unless you have a signed release I will be a rich man :). Wanna talk settlement now or later.

  6. The Colts blog access has been restricted because it is intended for the Colts, their family and their friends. When traffic tripled this week it was clear that other folks were looking for something to complain about.

  7. In all seriousness, if you or any other Eagle parent would like us to remove this photo or any photo on the Colt's blog, we are happy to do so...The kids come first and we aren't looking to bicker over our Saturday mornings.

  8. I actually can not believe the reaction to a little kids football game. Winners/losers happen. Who cares! It seems the ones putting all of the emphasis into the wins and/or loses are the ones full of accusatory comments about "bad sportsmanship". I do not remember anyone finger pointing or rubbing the victory in.

    Has anyone ever read a fiction novel?? Based on the comments left on this blog, I would venture to say the answer to that is a big fat negative. Who ever "anonymous" is, wants to call Lawyers over a silly website. Boy, thats the spirit of youth sports at its best!! GROW UP!!!

  9. Longball: I don't think anybody is going to spend any hard earned money on lawyers, they already get enough of our dough! I suggest we all call it day on this one.

    This blog is supposed to be fun. The kids blog is supposed to be fun. This is no longer fun to say the least.

    I gave my positoin on all of this above and to the commissioner, and I stand by it.

    In good faith - in the name of sportsmanship and good parenting - I've tried to inform the Eagles parents that I'm happy to take any pictures down they would like removed. I'll ask our coach to email their coach with that message as well.

    I told the Commish I would password protect the Colts blog is a large group of folks other than those related to the Colts started to look at our kids blogs, and that is what happened (130 hits Wed, Thur and part of Fri is not normal traffic), so that is what I did.

    So, as far as I'm concerned, it's time to move on and see if "Toly Hansbrough" and the boys can handle a stalwart Falcons team next week.

    One point to ponder for FYF. Maybe next time a division has two new teams those kids might start the season against each other (Eagles v. Vikings) instead of both new teams having the tough draw of opening against one of the most experienced teams in the league.

  10. only thing i can say is the colts had to put 3 kids on one player to stop him from geting there runners and after a few hits the colts ran away from zeke the colts players wanted nothing to do with him they were scared .


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