Saturday, August 1, 2009


Thank God, Florida State has a receiver free at last!

A prosecutor has dropped a felony charge against a Seminole wide receiver Richard Goodman who was accused of hurling a chair at a woman during a brawl in the school's student union and charged with aggravated battery.

Goodman was charged six months after the fight when another fight participant accused him of throwing the chair and seriously injuring a female student.

Assistant State Attorney Jon Fuchs filed a court document Thursday saying witnesses named at least four other people as the chair-thrower. Fuchs says no one identified Goodman.

Goodman was among five players suspended for a game last season for the fight with members of a fraternity. Goodman was suspended from the team after his May arrest until the charge was resolved. He was reinstated to the team following the dropping of the charge.

Hey, NCAA are you paying attention? The authorities made a mistake and arrested the wrong guy. Then a higher authority figured it out and let him go? Capiche?

Coach Bobby “Dadgummit” Bowden had this to say about the whole messy affair: “Doggone it, I tell my boys to wear a dadgum Joe Paterno mask when they go out lookin’ for dadbern trouble!”

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