Monday, August 3, 2009


By Robbi Pickeral/Charlotte Observer-Raleigh News & Observer

Duke has had trouble sealing the deal with top recruits the past several seasons. It hopes to do better by holding its first “elite” camp this month.

The two-day event is a new-but-scrutinized tool for Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski, who until now has avoided hosting the on-campus sweat-fests that usually include the top two dozen or so invited prospects a program is recruiting.

The camps are a legal way to get prospects on campus for unofficial visits. But as reported by last summer, they also allow for several loopholes to NCAA rules – such as paying prospects' influential AAU coaches to work at the event and allowing surprisingly low camp tuition.

A team spokesman said that Duke, which is charging $100 for overnight campers, will not be using AAU coaches at its High-Performance Basketball Camp Aug. 22-23. He also said that all other aspects of the camp, including the cost of rooms and meals, were cleared through the school's compliance office.

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