Saturday, August 1, 2009


Big John Daly has a yet another reality show…and he says it’s going to be boring. Then he went out and shot an 88 in the second round of the Buick Open while Tiger (No Reality Show) Woods was shooting 63. There’s a lesson in there somewhere, yes?

Daly said earlier in the week an upcoming reality show on the Golf Channel, featuring him, will provide a glimpse of his new-and-improved boring life.

“I’m more laid back,” he said in an interview with The AP between puffs of a cigarette in the parking lot of Warwick Hills, the site of this week’s PGA tournament. “It won’t have the hustle and bustle as the last show.”

The Golf Channel had a 13-part series “The Daly Planet” in 2006, showcasing his wild life.

The first of at least eight episodes of the yet-to-be-named reality show will air in early 2010.
“I think ‘Out of the Rough’ is the perfect title,” Daly said.

The popular player said he’s focusing on his golf career, which has been marked by the highs of winning the British Open and PGA Championship and lows created by problems outside the ropes.

Daly has been to alcohol rehab twice, has been married three times and wrote an autobiography that was as much about drinking, sex and gambling as it was about his golf. Other than that, his life has been pretty routine.

“I haven’t had a drink in a while,” Daly said.

Somewhere, Anna Nicole Smith is laughing.

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