Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The good news for N.C. State fans is that their quarterback Russell Wilson appears to be the best int eh ACC. He was Rookie of the Year his freshman season, and he finished third in the pre-season ACC Player of the Year voting.

Bad news is he may not be around too long.

Wilson, a first-team All-ACC selection as a redshirt freshman last season, is on an accelerated academic schedule that has him on track for graduation in the spring of 2010. He also is a baseball prospect who's eligible for the 2010 MLB draft.

Wolfpack coach Tom O'Brien said family health issues – Wilson's father suffered a stroke about a year ago – could factor into his decision.

"If baseball is the way he has to go to help his family or it's best for him, then certainly we'll support him in that," O'Brien said.

"We'd love to have him, but as I told you, he came in with a plan. He's going to graduate in three years. He's got the baseball side and the football side, and he likes whatever he’s doing that minute."

With Wilson's future uncertain beyond this season, O'Brien plans to play highly touted redshirt freshman backup Mike Glennon for a series in the first half in each game.

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  1. I just don't understand why he wants to play Glennon so bad. He knows what he has with Wilson, THE BEST QB IN THE ACC LAST YEAR. Yeah, if he goes down it's great to have a good QB to come in and take the snaps. Glennon is not a proven QB in the ACC, so why is O'brien so hell bent on putting him in taking time away from Wilson. Glennon may be better than what I think, but you know what you have with Wilson. So just play him... But O'brien is the coach and I have been wrong befor!


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