Friday, July 31, 2009


And just like that, there it was…Staring at us from the rack with the handwritten sign that said “CLEARANCE BIN” in Rankins True Value Hardware in Warrenton, VA.

T.A.H. is a fan of True Value hardware stores as they maintain a bit of “character.” Rankins is owned by a couple fellas T.A.H. went to high school with so when Wal-Mart and Home Depot came to town, we made a conscious effort to support the locals even if things did cost a little bit more.

So there we were in Rankins buying some extra knee, thigh and hip pads for FYF Colt Toly Hansbrough (can’t get those at Wal-Mart or Home Depot for the record), and there it was… It was right on the top shelf (where it should have been) elevated above the out-of-date baseball gloves, bats, soccer shin guards and lacrosse helmets. (Which begs the question, do you want your kid to play lacrosse in a helmet that you got from the clearance bin, but we digress.)

Right there on the top shelf smiling at us was none other than Michael Vick. There was a time when Vick merchandise was a big seller. In fact, when the dog fighting story first broke, we happened to be shopping for a practice jersey for multi-sport superstar and future University of North Carolina All-American Toly Hansbrough, when we first saw the Vick jerseys – a whole rack of them. We wondered then if the market for these items would collapse and it did.

But this one leftover Super Soft Felt Inflated Sponge Cover “Foam-posite” football and #7 Youth Football Practice Jersey remained behind miraculously surviving 23 months in jail and a luke warm NFL reinstatement!

Eureka! A bloody gold mine! (No pun intended).

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