Friday, July 31, 2009


We don’t usually stoop to such lows just to sell newspapers, but we couldn’t let this one pass. T.A.H. Pop Culture Editor hipped us to the “The CAPTION THIS Contest For July 30th!” from the web site D Listed.

When we stopped laughing, we felt compelled to share it even if it slightly tarnishes T.A.H.’s squeaky clean image…

Here are some samples of the captions left by D Listed readers:

*All growned-up Maddie Briann Aldridge is unsettled when she visits Aunt Britney's
New girl group "Boobs, Sweat and Spears"
*Tara Reid was devasted she had to miss out on the family reunion but happy Aunt Peg and everyone kept it light this year.
*Reason 12,963,821 the south should have won
*The long awaited loop hole to no shoes, no shirts, no service.
*Finalists for the 'Whores of July' contest.
*L to R: Sees no evil, Hears no evil, Speaks no evil, Has no fun
*In an emotional reunion, Snap, Crackle and Pop finally met their estranged sister, Dignity.
*How come the girl on the far right isn't wearing a headband?
*Finally! A picture of all the girls Tucker Max actually did sleep with!
*Middle-aged Mutant Ninja Whores.

And T.A.H.’s favorite: WTF Holly?! We said no shirts!

And we’d like to add: The real inspiration for the Lyle Lovett song “I Don’t Know” which includes in the chorus:

I'm just a poor boy,

I like to have fun.
I know a pretty girl when i see one.

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