Friday, July 24, 2009


We checked with various psychiatrists and psychologists and inquired if sometimes a large inflatable penis is nothing more than a large inflatable penis? Oddly, none of them returned our calls…

Recently, Michael Jordan was seemingly serenaded by just such a large inflatable male sex organ complete with a Duke logo while playing golf in a celebrity tournament in Reno. (No, he wasn’t attacked, the headline was just a “grabber” to get you to read the story! )

This would be the same celeb gig where Tony Romo got ink for breaking up (again) with Jessica Simpson (no doubt over that horrific blue and red horizontal stripe dress she wore while butchering the national anthem at Tiger’s tourney recently in D.C.) and where former Virginia quarterback Matt Schaub beaned a female spectator on the top of the head. (He was mortified by all accounts.)

Apparently the whole penis-weilding caper was part of a bachelorette party gone wild according to Busted Coverage.

According to various sources, Michael was amused, but clearly tournament organizers and the local constable serving as security were not…

The big giant pink Blue Devil also made its way onto the NBC broadcast of the event.

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