Thursday, July 2, 2009


Duke alum and well known author/columnist/broadcaster John Feinstein underwent successful heart bypass surgery on Monday "and is recovering well," according to an update on his website,

In a Sunday blog post, Feinstein announced that he was undergoing surgery the following morning. He said that an angiogram late last week revealed “'four to six,' blockages in my heart—one of them 100 percent."

Feinstein known for such works as A Good Walk Spoiled, A Season On The Brink, The Last Amateurs and Caddy For Life recently RIPPED the BCS a new one for the comments Oregon Athletic Director David Frohnmayer made following the BCS’s rejection (SHOCKING!!) of the Mountain West Conference’s recent request for an eight team D1 football playoff.

Feinstein pointedly stated that Frohnmayer was sent “to dispense with the usual lies.” One such “lie” involves the NCAA’s dedication to student athletes and how a football playoff would disrupt the academic calendar…Evidently, the D1AA, D2 and D3 student athletes have a different “academic calendar” never mind what NCAA D1 Men’s Basketball Tournament (recently won by the North Carolina Tar Heels) does to the “academic calendar.”

Feinstein makes the points eloquently and then says: “Final words to Frohnmayer and the other 66 BCS presidents on this issue: Shut up.”

That’s all we’re giving you. Go read it yourself by clicking here.

On his blog he followed up by noting that he likes almost everybody he meets in his job with the exception of college/university presidents and that the BCS presidents are the worst of the lot: “I swear these people must have to pass a rigorous test in pomposity and hypocrisy before they are sworn in. Here’s the oath they take: ‘I David Frohnmayer promise to lie, obfuscate and say anything that comes into my head to defend the BCS, regardless of what might be right for the so-called ‘student-athletes,’ representing my school.’”

Click on his blog link abvoe and scroll down – the man is FIRED UP!

As of Wednesday night, according to his brother Bob, "John is getting back to his normal cranky self. He is out of ICU and has seen family, has had a few visitors and is on the road to recovery."

We guess the BCS (headed up by ACC Commish John Swofford) didn’t send flowers…

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