Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday at 1pm we received this comment from a “dude” who calls himself Dave.

It was in response to a post from February of 2008 (!!!) about a shark
killing an Austrian man doing one of those up-close-and-personal dive trips in the Bahamas.

Obviously, Dave, like many before him, does not understand T.A.H.’s sense of humor, but we loved his very serious reply to our mocking post regarding the simple fact that sharks occasionally eat people…

"Dude, just because someone got killed by a shark is a stupid reason to freakout. what about the 150 people a year that die from falling coconuts? Or what about car accidents? Or what about dogs? Or what about people killing poeple? Or what about spontaneous human combustian? (sic) Hey what about snakes? Should I go on?

4 people a year die from sharks and you freak out. I think you need to rethink what you’re saying. If only 4 people out of 100 million a year die then you have issues. If that worries you then maybe you better walk home. Don't forget to not take the stairs. Please don't walk under tree's. If there is ice, stay inside, you might slip. Oh, I forgot, throw the snowboard away, and oh yes, don't drink water to fast. Last year 100 people died from drinking water to fast. So be safe bubble boy."

Huh! Bubble boy? That's messed up.

Frankly, we don’t believe 150 people die a year from falling coconuts…

Nice, Dave, NICE!

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