Friday, June 12, 2009


"I'm just so happy for these kids. They're in for the experience they'll never forget. We're obviously going out to Omaha to win and I've got a lot of confidence we can win.'' – Coach Brian O'Connor, after Virginia clinched its first College World Series berth.

"I've learned where the best steaks are out there, the best milkshakes, the best route to go to get in. Our fans have learned where to park. We've learned a lot. We've learned to enjoy every single second of it.'' – Coach Mike Fox, after the Tar Heels clinched their fourth straight trip to Omaha.

(Editor’s note re: photo: This is the actual United Airlines airplane that carried the Wahoos to Omaha via Chicago, Illinois. The airline released this photo along with a press release saying how honored they were to have the opportunity to convey this accomplished group of student athletes to their first ever College World Series. The release was titled "Anteater Beaters And Their Fans Are United by Ted.")

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