Sunday, June 14, 2009


The University of Miami is adopting its sports logo to represent the entire educational institution.

The Hurricanes' ''split U'' -- orange on left side, green on the right -- began appearing on nonathletic materials on Tuesday.

The name ''University of Miami'' will accompany the ''U'' logo on letterheads and most other uses. In some cases, the name of the college or other unit will be used, too. Previously, UM used an all-type logo that featured the word ''Miami'' in large letters with a smaller ''University of'' above it and a thick line underneath.

The university's health system also will adopt the new mark. (Creating marketing opportunities such as “U May Live”)

The new logo follows research including focus groups in three major cities and a survey of alumni. The research found that the split-U was seen as ''diverse, modern, confident, and bold.''

Not to mention the simple fact that "U" is easy to spell.

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