Saturday, June 27, 2009


Unlike Wayne Ellington, Tyler Hansbrough his used to it.

When he was drafted Thursday Night the crowd chanted “overrated.” Seriously, they’re primarily Knicks’ fans, what’s their beef? Or are they still drunk and stupid from last weekend's U.S. Open?

In Indianapolis, a crowd of about 4,500 Pacers’ fans also had a mixed reaction. According to the Indianapolis Star there were some boos and some cheers…This is nothing new to the North Carolina star.

"I think some people just love me or hate me. That's the way it is," said the 6-9 power forward the Pacers selected with the 13th pick. "Everybody has their opinion. Everybody is going to have their determined choices as far as how they feel my game translates or something like that."

Hansbrough goes to the Pacers as one of the most accomplished and dissected college players in years. He was a four-time All-American at a perennial power, giving fans and pundits more time for analysis than players who stay only a year or two.

The former national college Player of the Year brings a reputation for tenacious play along with four years of productivity at the highest level of college basketball. He also enters the NBA with questions as to whether his game translates to the pros.

But he has one big fan in a pretty good hoopster named Larry Bird. "Tyler's been beat down for four years," the Pacers president said.

"Everybody says his game won't translate to the NBA. He'll be fine. He'll do a good job."

"The way I look at it, people didn't think I was going to be a very good college player, and I was successful in college," Hansbrough said. "I am coming in there, ready to prove some people wrong."

Bird brushed aside the notion that Hansbrough has something to prove. "This guy can score and he will score."

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