Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday, we received an email from a nice young lad named Gerald "Tripper" Henson. He and two of his buddies, Emmett Corboy and Mark Trible, have started a sports blog called Results Inconclusive.

Tripper said he's a fan of T.A.H., so he deserves a good plug. We liked his site's content, and it is very clear that these guys are serious sports fans with a good eye for the offbeat -- right up T.A.H.'s alley.

It would appear that this comprehensive review of things might be interfering with their academics at Virginia Tech, but we're gonna let that go for now as it's summer break.

If he hangs with his homie M. Hokie Tedeschi, the renown ESPN TV hog, he will most certainly become famous.

As it is, Tripper and Emmett (foreground, hat's backward, not sure which is which) have already scored some celeb celebrity right here on T.A.H. when we published their pic with ESPN's Erin Andrews last winter.

To check out their blog, click here.

Keep up the good work fellas!

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