Thursday, May 21, 2009


You were all I had left,
And now you’re leavin’ me too.
I’d like to say, don’t go away,
All that I had left, left with you.

– Amazing Rhythm Aces

Those pesky draft picks, they’ll leave you at the drop of a ping pong ball.

Tuesday night, the Wizards once again failed to get the first pick in the NBA draft in spite of having the second best chance in the lottery. Go figure. The Wiz will pick 5th overall in the June draft.

Despite abundant evidence to the contrary, Washington Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld considers himself a lucky man. He is now in the prefect position to draft either Hansbrough – Tyler or Toly.

"Once we have all our pieces out there, I think we've shown that we can compete with anyone in the league," Grunfeld said. "And we like five players in this draft. Actually, we like more than five since there are two Hansbroughs. I think we'll get a very good player. Whether we use that player on our roster or we use that in a trade-type situation, we'll explore all our options and see where it takes us."

"There's probably seven, eight, nine players plus multi-sports star Toly; that are going to be in that wheel house," Grunfeld said.

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