Friday, May 22, 2009


T.A.H. has some exclusive scoop.

According to our sources, Roy Williams (Ol 'Roy 'round here), who, lest you have forgotten, is the head coach of the 2009 NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball National Champion North Carolina Tar Heels, decided he wanted to reach out to his old buddy Mike Krzchvbfs2ski of the Duke Blue Devils and just send him a few kind words to ease the sting of his arch rival not only kicking his navy blue (bleep) twice more this season, but also for bringing yet another NCAA trophy back to Chapel Hill where it will rest quietly gloating in the trophy case while the folks at Duke morn another early exit from the Big Dance in spite of the fact that the students and alums believe the Final Four, or at the very least, the Elite Eight, is their birthright when, in fact, history has proven otherwise (as it is want to do).

This is the card Ol' Roy sent Coach K:
And this is the card K sent in return:

*items in italics may not be true.

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