Thursday, May 7, 2009


Talk about your screw ups.
The ACC baseball tournament was supposed to be at Fenway Park, but a scheduling snafu led to a late change and the boys of spring/summer will play instead at the ball park made famous by the movie Bull Durham.

We call that a "significant downgrade."

But that’s OK…to make up for it, the ACC re-scheduled the 2010 tournament back at hallowed Fenway Park – which is makes it all good, unless, of course, you are a senior this year…

But then earlier this week, ACC Commish John Swofford announced that the league was pulling the plug on the trek to the great Northeast since the league needs to cut travel costs.

So instead of going to Boston, ACC teams will travel all the way to Greensboro to play in NewBridge Bank Park, the home of the Class A Greensboro Grasshoppers.

Hey, we’ve been there, it’s perfectly nice, but it ain’t no Fenway…

However, all is not lost, NewBridge Bank Park was tabbed by Baseball America (whoever they are?) as the top stadium in the South Atlantic League and the No. 8 overall minor league stadium nationally. The stadium seats 7,499 and has 16 luxury suites.

So they got that going for them…


  1. Actually... Bull Durham was primarily shot at the old Durham Athletic Park in Durham, NC, and at venerable War Memorial Stadium in Greensboro (also the setting for Leatherheads with George Clooney). Bull Durham predates NewBridge by about 20 years.
    And while Greensboro certainly can't rival Boston's amenities in their full compass, it is the 40th largest metropolitan area in the country, home of the World Furniture Market (plenty of hotels), has a small but vibrant downtown and is the birthplace of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

  2. Oh- and bring your golf clubs. The courses and prices are amazing. Pinehurst is an hour away, Sedgefield (home of the Greater Greensboro Open), Forest Oaks, Bermuda Run (Crosby Celebrity tourny) are all there, plus the 5-star Grandover Golf Resort is right across the street from the ACC's headquarters, etc, etc, etc.


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