Tuesday, May 26, 2009


OK, it was polo.

...and, yes, they're club teams. Jeez, back off already.

The Virginia Polo Center recently hosted the National Intercollegiate Tournament and T.A.H. simply missed it until now.

A total of 14 teams, 7 men and 7 women competed for their respective trophies. With 10 very competitive matches played earlier in the week the final teams were set to compete for the championship title on April 11.

The #2 ranked Wahoo squad knocked off previously undefeted #1 Cornell 19-17 to become the 2009 National Women’s Champions. Captain Cristina Fernandez lead her team to victory by scoring 9 goals while senior Leah Hall followed with 5 goals.

Undefeated, and #1 ranked Virginia men’s team took on the also undefeated #2 ranked Texas A&M team securing a 20 to 17 victory to become the 2009 Men’s National Champions.

The UVA Team captained by sophomore Joevy Beh, led at the half by one goal. After a strong third period, Virginia outscored A&M 6 to 3, and took a commanding 4 goal lead. Freshmen CB Scherer, and Mauricio Lopez contributed 6 and 7 goals respectively.

None of these people can throw a football
more than 15 yards or make more than 2-out-fo-10 three-pointers.

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