Monday, May 18, 2009


By Brian Scheulen, T.A.H. Special Correspondent

A wonderful event was held at the Fauquier Springs (Hackberry Creek) Country Club this past Wednesday evening. The Fauquier Hokie Club hosted Virginia Tech head football coach Frank Beamer and ladies basketball coach Beth Dunkenberger at its annual Orange & Maroon Tour dinner.

Being equipped with spidey-like hearing and an excellent seat at the coach's table, I was privy to all the intimate conversations with Coach Beamer. Topics included, but were not limited to, golfing with Dell Curry and Nick Saban, Ralph's waist-line, the opening game with Alabama,Tyrod's back-up, Ju-Ju, Al Groh and hell freezing over.

By far, the highlights of the evening, were the actions of young Davis Flikeid. Armed with only a pen and the tenacity of a hornet, young D.F. was bound and determined to defend his bids on the silent auction game tickets that he knew were his and his alone.

It was a magic dance he performed as people would get up to use the restroom, sneaking over and heading them off at the pass, bombarding them with questions such as “Where are you going?” and “What are you bidding on?”

When one person got up, Davis swooped in and slyly asked "Hey, how's it going? What are you bidding on?" The gentleman replied, "I'm going to the bathroom, What are you bidding on?" Davis answered, "Oh, nothing. I'm not bidding on anything. I'm just hanging around, doing nothing." as he quickly escorted the man past the bid sheet table and returned to his defensive position.

More and more people began to rise and check on their bids. Davis became flustered. It was too much for him fend off. Some Bob guy kept upping the bids on him and he didn't know what to do.

So he did the only thing a 7 year-old, who could barely reach the table could do....he took all of the pens.

When all was said and done, young D.F. won himself a pair of tickets to two games and single-handedly helped the Fauquier Hokie Club raise several hundred extra dollars by jacking up those other bids!

Nice, Davis, NICE!

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