Monday, May 18, 2009


Let’s get a few things straight right off the bat. The fact that any gainfully employed professional – let’s say like one CPA and Virginia Tech Hokie Brian Scheulen, for example – knows how deep his alma mata is at tight end is “moderately disconcerting.” Nobody should know that much about tight ends other than their coaches and/or their families.

Secondly, who names their kid Ju-Ju? Seriously, who?

That said, here is Brian’s take on the current status of his beloved Hokies after last Wednesday’s Hokie Club gig.

To appease the Fauquier Seminole CC Nation, I offer the following football points to ponder:

1. Frank has convinced himself, at least, that Ju-Ju Clayton will be ready to step in and fill the role as "hand-offer" for the 20-25 plays that Tyrod WILL miss due to the inevitable "tweaked" ankle he will suffer sporadically throughout the season.

2. The O-Line will be beastly. With a combined 100 games under their belts, this unit is one of the most seasoned and experienced in the nation. Even Bobby Duvall would call them "grizzled". They are all well fed.

3. The secondary will be fine. They are going through position shifts which seems to be an annual occurrence in recent years.

4. They are super-deep at tight end. Three of these guys will be playing on Sundays in the near future, probably on both sides of the ball.

5. Running-backs. Are you kidding me? Tech could have two 1,000 yard rushers standing behind Tyrod. Frank smirked when I asked him about the possibility of three super-studs in the 2010 season with the addition of VHSL Offensive Player of the Year David Wilson, who will surely red-shirt this year.

6. Defensive end is a little shakey right now. A converted tight-end will likely play opposite of Jason "All" Worilds who sat out this spring recovering from shoulder surgery.

7. The Lonely Kickers - Tech is still looking for a consistant place-kicker. They may find one in a true freshman as soon as he graduates from dumb ol' high school. The punter is a Bowden, so I know there will be no criticisms there from John, plus the guy has a hell of a leg.

8. The wide receivers were very young last year and we're just hoping that with that one rough year, a ton of lessons were learned.

There is certainly lots to be smiling about in Blacksburg.

Thank you, Brian and we look forward to your report on what Coach Dunkenberger had to say about the Lady Hokies hoops squad.

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