Friday, April 17, 2009


Man, those whack job pirates from Somalia are really messing with the ever popular pirate franchise. Do we go all politically correct and remove the Skull & Crossbones from the flagstaff at T.A.H. World Headquarters?

Like they used to say in that old Bud Light commercial…We don’t think so!

However, some folks are having a bit of fun with this and leave it to the boys over at Deadspin to wrap it up in a nice little bow.

Take a moment from your busy day and read this short item and BE ABSOLUTELY SURE to scroll down and read the comments.

If you don’t laugh OUT LOUD you are, either 1) having the worst day in the history of the world or 2) already dead (probably killed by a pirate).

And when you're done, check out this item about a Michael Vick reality show.

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