Tuesday, April 21, 2009


N.C. State will be a much improved football team this year and one can point to sophomore quarterback Russell Wilson as the primary reason why. We are big believers that the primary difference between college football teams is how much talent and experience they have at the quarterback position.

Even though, Wilson was injured early last season, when he came back the Wolfpack went on a tear with a string of late season wins that included a dismantling of primary rival UNC. Wilson ended up being All ACC.

Wilson also plays baseball and his coaches have figured out how to accommodate all the conflicting schedules. He threw for 195 yards in the Spring Game on Saturday, but had to bolt after the first half and head over to the baseball diamond. Did the two sports schedule conflicting games on the same day? Well…no. But the NCAA says a “student athlete” has a four hour daily minimum…

You know, so they can study the rest of the time…

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