Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Recruiting Un-Athletic Doomed To Fail In The NBA White McDonalds All-Americans, by Mike Kryzjnbv2ski.

If It Ain’t Friggin’ Broke, Roy Williams Ain’t Gonna Friggin’ Fix It, by Roy “Roy Williams” Williams.

Diet And Exercising For The Small(er) Kitchen Appliance(s), by Ralph “The Fridge” Friedgen.

Life Lessons From An Underachieving Millionaire, by Ralph Sampson.

The Ying and Yow of Maryland Basketball: An Expose By The Head Coach Who Resurrected The Program From Death And Then Won A National Championship When The Miserable Jerks In The Athletic Department Said He Never Would While Questioning His Recruiting, by Gary “Speed Stick” Williams.

Job Hunting In The NFL During A Down Economy While Constantly Explaining To Your Family Why You Quit The ‘Good’ Job At The ‘Nice’ College, by Jeff Jagodzinski.

My Life At The Free Throw Line And The Lessons I’ve Learned, by Oliver Purnell.

Dead Grandparent Jokes: A Collection of Short Stories, by N.C. State alums and fans.

Hottest NCAA Cheerleaders I’m Not Married To, by Jeff Jones.

The Lonely Panet Guide To The Best Places To Score A Snapple At 4 A.M., by Julius Hodge.

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