Thursday, April 2, 2009


UNC v. MICHIGAN STATE: The Spartans are on a roll and playing close to home, and, if they knock off UConn (currently a four point favorite), they will have revenge on their side. Back in December, North Carolina beat Michigan State 90-zillion to 60-something at Ford Field - the very same site as the Final Four. So the Trojan Horse kids would be looking to even the score from a serious a** whoopin.

Won’t matter. Even with center Goran Suton playing (he didn’t back in December), they can’t match up with Carolina. Suton is good, but he only averages 10 points a game. He can’t bridge the gap between 90-zillion and 60-something…assuming, the Heels play their game. If they lose focus, Michigan State can win what amounts to a home game in the Championship.

We’re pretty sure UConn is good, but we’ve yet to see it. The win over Mizzou was downright butt ugly and all this talk about how freshmen point guard Kemba Walker “emerging” into a game changer based on 23 points vs. Missouri is silly. Prior to that, he averaged two points per game. Simply put, Ty Lawson will eat his lunch.

While Thabeet is tall and talented, he can’t stop all the weapons Carolina will throw at him. His 13 points and 10 rebounds per game is likely offset by any number of OlRoys’ cavalry.

Either way, advantage Tar Heels.

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