Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Not everyone in the coaching profession is on board with Bobby Bowden keeping all 382 of his career victories. Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen told CBSSports.com that Bowden and Florida State deserve to vacate any victories they gained while playing ineligible players.

FSU was placed on probation in March as the result of a widespread academic fraud scandal. Sixty-one total athletes were involved. FSU suspended 23 football players from the 2007 Music City Bowl after the wrongdoing was discovered. Pending an appeal, Bowden might have to vacate as many as 14 victories, the combined number of games won in the 2006 and 2007 seasons.

"Is it fair?" Friedgen said. "Yeah, they played ineligible people ... They orchestrate 36 guys -- academic fraud by the academic counselor -- and they lose one or two games? That's not right."

Actually, the NCAA has told Florida State to determine how many players competed while ineligible and when. While Bowden might lose up to the 14 games won in those two seasons (seven each season), the total could be less (or none). In addition, FSU president T.K. “Couldn’t Stand The” Wetherell recently proposed a blue-ribbon committee to examine the issue but was turned down by the NCAA.

You go, no committee.

*Rumor on the street is that about fifteen years ago, the FSU coaches under the auspices of Bowden senior pulled a little prank on Ralph. Seems they kidnapped a case of Hostess Twinkies from Fridge's personal stash and held them for ransom. These were no ordinary Twinkies either.

Word on the street is they were “50th Anniversary Special Edition” Twinkies and T.A.H. has sources that believe they involved chocolate in some way. Fridge did not see this as a harmless practical joke, but as an insult of the highest order and a direct act of conflict designed to hurt him and the things he loved. Although, the case of Twinkies was eventually returned a few Twinks lighter, Friedgen remains upset about the incident.

*Items in italics may not be true.

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