Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, maybe not you, but the Big Brother we know and love (the NCAA) is keeping a sharp eye on hot shot recruit John Wall and all the schools wooing him.

We profiled John “Off The” Wall in one of our Things That Make You Go Hmmm…for a variety of reasons, but the latest Off The Wall News involves the suits in Kansas and N.C. State.

Yesterday the Wolfpack ‘s compliance office for NCAA issues sent a cease-and-desist letter to a student citing concerns that the "John Wall PLEASE come to NC STATE!!!" group launched on Facebook constitutes improper contact with a prospective student-athlete, according to NCAA bylaws.

"NCAA bylaws go on to state that all in-person, on- and off-campus recruiting contacts, as well as correspondence and telephone calls, with a prospective student-athlete shall be made only by authorized institutional staff members," the letter said. "With this correspondence, North Carolina State is alerting you to the applicable NCAA legislation. Any current or future recruiting contact…must cease immediately."

News of the Facebook group devoted to the Raleigh Word of God senior, who is rated the No. 1 point guard available in this recruiting class, first came to light in an article published Tuesday in the Technician, N.C. State's student paper.

The student took down the sight commenting he wasn’t looking to get his school in the NCAA’s dog house.

Other schools/students/alums with similar sites include Memphis, Baylor and Kentucky.

Wall currently is in Portland, Ore., preparing to play in the Nike Hoop Summit, an exhibition game featuring an international all-star team all the while complaining that he and his entourage are not being recruited by UNC.

Various reports say Ol’ Roy did give “Another Brick In The…” a call during the Final Four, but we wager it was to say “frig off.”

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