Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As Most Outstanding Player Wayne Ellington said, we also “enjoyed the crap” out of the Tar Heels National Championship victory. But then again, how could we not have?

After a long lunch at the Soggy Peso that included the soon-to-be tradition of pre-game ribs, salsa and rooster wrangling with Steve - T.A.H's newest "special correspondent in charge of Harleys, tatoos, and good yarns about Texas" - we made a quick loop of the island via golf cart just to be sure everything was where it was supposed to be. As far as we could tell, it was.

We made a few new stops and a few repeat stops. Saw some old friends from days prior and some new friends before we headed back to town to duck into JAX to check the crowd size. Luckily, the owner - Jackie from Dallas - was handy and accommodating as always. We scouted out our spot at the bar near the “lucky TV” that worked so well for the semi-final win over Nova.

When we returned, we were delighted to see that JAX had "reserved" our front row seats, as we ended up being just two of four folks in the whole place pulling for the Heels. Well…the guy next to us was from Madison, Wisconsin, so he was admittedly pulling more against the Spartans than for North Carolina...

The Michigan State folks filled up the downstairs of the place, staked out at the other six televisions on the ground floor. They were out in force on Saturday night and back again on Monday. They got very quiet very quickly.

A MSU fan we had talked to on Saturday, came up and sat down about halfway through the second half and declared the game over. She said the Heels were too big, too fast and too good. She was right. Give those Big 10 folks some credit – they’re loud and they’re proud and they’re good sports as well.

Hats off to JAX for great hospitality, good food and cold Mexican beer. We chose Victoria for the beverage of the night since victory was also on the menu. Hey, don't knock it, it worked!

After "One Shining Moment," we headed down Av. Hildalgo figuring there had to be a little swarm of Tar Heels somewhere on this tiny island excited about a fifth national championship – or sixth depending on how you count. We never found them, but we did find what appeared to be an ex-Pat having a big night. He left his bar stool to congratulate us and was rewarded with a slightly used (albeit lucky) UNC baseball cap. He was delighted thanking us more than once.

Come to think of it, buying us a celebratory drink must have slipped his mind…

T.A.H. Standing rule henceforth: UNC in the Final Four, head to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

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