Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday, the North Carolina State Senate passed a resolution honoring the 2009 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball National Champions, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

To say it’s a bit comical would be an understatement as it begins with “Whereas, Dr. James A. Naismith created the sport of basketball in 1891…” and ramps up from there. They even take credit for the Michigan State-driven record attendance of over 72,000.

Of course, as you might have expect, there are a few not so thinly veiled jabs at rival Duke. As in…

“Whereas, the 89-72 Carolina win over Michigan State was a convincing and thorough victory but one that left intact Duke's record for the worst loss in Final Four history (103-73 to UNLV in 1990);”


“Whereas, the senior players named above were undefeated in all away games played within a 12-mile radius of Chapel Hill;”


Here at T.A.H. we have to take a bit of umbrage with this item…

"Whereas, Carolina now has the most NCAA men's basketball championships in the
26 "modern era" (defined to be that period after UCLA's last championship under John Wooden);"

Hey, why don’t you just say the most NCAA men’s basketball championships since the Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor became a fashion statement and not the “official sneaker of college basketball.” We’re pretty sure Coach Wooden is still with us and wouldn’t appreciate his amazing run of championships being excluded from the “modern era.”

There might have been a more diplomatic way to say the Heels championship record is second best to U.C.L.A., but who would expect a bunch of politicians to figure that out?

For the most part – good clean fun! To read the entire resolution (and it’s worth it) click here.

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