Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Maryland and North Carolina.

Maryland and North Carolina led all ACC schools with five players chosen each, followed by Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia and Wake Forest with four each; Boston College and NC State with two as well as Florida State, Miami and Virginia Tech with one each.

With five players selected in the first round overall, the ACC has had more first round selections in the NFL Draft than any other conference with 30 first rounders chosen since 2006, the first year the Conference became a 12-team league. The SEC is second with 29 first round selections.

And the loser is…Dan Gronkowski of Maryland. He was the 255th pick overall by the…Detroit Lions.

Sorry, dude.
Key: Pick in Round, overall pick, player, school, NFL team

ROUND 3: 6 (70) Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati Bengals; 16 (80) Kevin Barnes, Maryland, Washington Redskins; 19 (83) Brandon Tate, North Carolina, New England Patriots.

ROUND 4: 3 (103) Dorell Scott, Clemson, St. Louis Rams; 16 (116) Chip Vaughn, Wake Forest, New Orleans Saints; 18 (118) Stanley Arnoux, Wake Forest, New Orleans Saints; 22 (122) Anthony Hill, NC State, Houston Texans; 29 (129) Andre Brown, NC State, New York Giants;

ROUND 5: 20 (156) Garrett Reynolds, North Carolina, Atlanta Falcons; 21 (157) Macho Harris, Virginia Tech, Philadelphia Eagles; 24 (160) Brooks Foster, North Carolina, St. Louis Rams; 5 29 (165) Chris Clemons, Clemson, Miami Dolphins; 30 (166) Michael Hamlin, Clemson, Dallas Cowboys.

ROUND 6: 3 (176) Spencer Adkins, Miami, Atlanta Falcons ; 8 (181) Andrew Gardner, Georgia Tech, Miami Dolphins; 12 (185), Cedric Peerman, Virginia, Baltimore Ravens; 22 (195) James Davis, Clemson, Cleveland Browns; 35 (208) John Phillips, Virginia, Dallas Cowboys.
ROUND 7: 1 (210) Vance Walker, Georgia Tech, Atlanta Falcons; 21 (230) Moise Fokou, Maryland, Philadelphia Eagles; 25 (234) Darryl Richard, Georgia Tech, New England Patriots; 27 (236) Jaimie Thomas, Maryland, Indianapolis Colts; 46 (255) Dan Gronkowski, Maryland, Detroit Lions.

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