Thursday, April 2, 2009


Look, you're just gonna have to suck it up and go it alone. Yes, you're gonna have to muddle through the Final Four without T.A.H. holding your hand. You'll be OK.

When in doubt, drink more, and dream those sweet LAX dreams.

We're going to Mexico - Isla Mujeres to be exact. (Go ahead, Google it, we'll wait for you.)

Supposedly there is a beach bar with satellite T.V. (Jax Bar and Grill) which shows "American Sports" in "English." Hey, Jax other gig is sportfishing, so he has to be a cool guy. If they don't show the games, the jokes on us. Worse comes to worse, we catch a fast boat to Cancun - 35 pesos. That's about $3.50 U.S. last time we looked, which was about two beers ago.

So, be brave, and enjoy the cyber silence.

There are a half-dozen internet cafes on the 5 mile long island, so if we get bored, or it rains, we may check in from time to time…but, don't count on it.

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