Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We don’t pretend to understand what the NCAA is ever thinking because if we did T.A.H. might implode into a black hole of smelly basketball sneakers. But if we did understand what they were thinking, maybe we would understand why the Final Four is being held this year in the economically depressed wonderland known as Detroit?

(Of course, this is where we start getting angry comments and emails from the Detroit Tourism Office where someone will be up in arms when Google Alerts hips them to our less than generous comments…oh, well.)

Anyway, here’s how we see it. The weather isn’t great, the economy sucks, the crime rate is off the chart, so why not take your marquis event to this paradise? We’re sure the NCAA, which is philanthropic by nature – OUCH, we just had a Clockwork Orange seizure – was just trying to help the creaky old girl out. Especially now that the auto industry is all the way in the tank instead of just most of the way down the drain. How thoughtful…

Recently, the Rolling Stone had and article called "Motor City Breakdown" and we thought this passage was worth quoting:

In the case of the auto industry, where to begin? The outsourcing of jobs that accelerated in the Eighties? The pathological shortsightedness of a business model based on gas-guzzling SUVs and eternally low fuel prices? The preposterously overpaid executives, with their maddening, sclerotic passivity in the face of their own industry's demise? And these are strictly macro-level concerns; we haven't even mentioned the Pontiac Aztek. – Mark Binelli.

“Sclerotic passivity”…wow, you never know where your pathological anatomy is gonna show up!

Nice, Rolling Stone, NICE!

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