Thursday, March 5, 2009


Like they need any help...

The Maryland fans can be a little tough, but they still rise to the occasion when needed. We love the giant photos of Jon “Crazy Face” Scheyer they hold up during Duke games, and it was a Maryland guy that came up with the now very famous anti-Duke anthem This Is Why Duke Sucks which is, in a word, a classic.

Last week, a young Terp got a hold of the hotel phone numbers for the Duke players while they were in College Park to play the Terps. The kids called the Duke players’ rooms all night long. Funny, but it didn’t work. The Blue Devils won anyway.

However, the guys at must have gotten wind of this little prank and decided that Terrapin Nation was the perfect support group for a stunt they pulled at last night’s Maryland Wake Forest game.

Dan Steinberg’s at D.C. Sport’s Blog covered it nicely:

Jeez, skip one lousy home game against a Top 25 team and you miss an appearance by Jared from Subway AND this halftime prank, which may or may not have been fake but is worth watching anyhow. Now if Dave Neal had taken a blindfolded half-court short, he definitely, definitely would have made it....

Oh, and The Post is definitely gonna do a series of investigative articles on the pranksters, what Gary knew, when he knew it, and whether he shared any of the information with Kathy Worthington.

(The prank involved one guy from College Humor, with help from a friend who works for ESPN, getting another guy from College Humor out onto the court for a blindfolded half-court shot with $500 k on the line. The crowd was told to cheer when the guy shot, to make him think he had cashed in. They did. And he, apparently, did.)

Hang with it, it's worth it...

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