Monday, March 16, 2009


You won’t get a NCAA bracket analysis here as we assume that if you care enough about college hoops to be reading this, you already know who’s playing where and why…

Suffice to say that seven ACC schools were invited to the Big Dance one year after only four were offered slippers last season. North Carolina is the No. 1 seed in the South, and Clemson will join them there as the No. 7 seed.

Duke is the No. 2 in the East where Pittsburgh looms large, and Wake Forest dropped a few slots to a No. 4 seed in the Midwest in the same bracket as overall No. 1 seed and Big East Champ Louisville.

Florida State (No. 5 East), Boston College (No. 7 Midwest) and Maryland (No. 10 South) are also in the tournament. Somewhere Gary "My Resume Is Better Than Some Punk Assitant A.D.'s" Williams is laughing, and rightfully so.

Ty Lawson was rumored to have been shooting yesterday in Chapel Hill. Ol' Roy says he will have to practice some on both Tuesday and Wednesday in order to play on Thursday against Radford. The Vegas oddmakers don't seemed to be too concerned as the opening line is UNC (-27).

While B.C. is a two point underdog to USC and Maryland is (+1.5) v. Cal, the other ACC teams are currently favored: Duke (-21.5), Clemson (-5.5), Wake Forest (-8) and FSU (-3).

Here’s a printable bracket from ESPN.

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