Friday, March 20, 2009


President Barack Obama made history once again last night when he appeared on the Jay Leno show. There were quite a few lighter moments where the new Prez displayed his sense of humor. At one point, he said Washington, D.C. was like American Idol where everybody was Simon Cowell.

When Jay brought up the subject of the bowling alley, the Bowler In Chief announced that he had actually been practicing and had recently carded a 129…During the laughs and guffaws from Leno and the audience about the leader of the free worlds inability to knock down wooden pins with a ball, Obama let slip a self-derogatory comment which included the words “Special Olympics.”


Now, here at T.A.H. we can post a video of paraplegic ice hockey guys getting in a rather comical scrum/boxing match. We guess, those very same hockey players laughed at the video over some beers…’cause their hockey players and probably not too very thin skinned.

Special Olympics? Hmm…not so much.

Before Air Force One had left the ground the First Offender had issued a statement. Before the plane left California, Obama reportedly called the Chairman of the Special Olympics and apologized, and the same report on NBC suggested that the organization would be hosted at a White House event sometime in the near future.

Jeez, it was a joke…did the stimulus plan and bailout packages make self-depreciating humor illegal?

Political correctness running amok yet again – Coach K yesterday, the Special Olympics today…Is there a pattern here?

Uh-oh, does T.A.H. need to release a statement of apology…?

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