Friday, March 13, 2009


First off, no one has complained any more about the inconsistency of ACC officiating this year than your favorite scribes here at T.A.H. Today’s UNC v. Virginia Tech was another game where blunt force fouls were ignored while ticky-tacky fouls were called. At least that has been consistent all season…

The one point we have made over and over again is that they do one thing very consistently – they swallow their whistles on the final play of the game.

At least, until today.

While TV analyst Dan Bonner said it was a good call, we would suggest it was technically correct (hence “good”), but perhaps poorly timed.

Now before you Hokies get all up in arms, remember Carolina was winning at the time 77-76. Tech still needed to score to change the outcome and for all of the possession up to that point, they weren’t even close to doing that. It is also important to note that had a foul been called, the Hokies would have only been given possession as the Tar Heels were still below the seven foul limit.

If you watched UConn v. The Orange: The Game That Never Ends, you would have noticed that while 66 fouls were called, none of them were called on the final possession of either half or any of the six overtimes. That is how it should be short of a clothesline tackle.

But a jump ball tie-up is a different kind of call. Its exists in a vacuum. It’s like travelling or double dribbling, there is less interpretation than on a personal foul. As the Mighty Blaze says, “It is what it is,” so it shouldn’t matter “when” it is.

Again, the Tar Heels were winning at the time, so there was still a shot to be made to justify Hokie Nation’s outrage.

Now moving forward, the question is, was the Hokies’ effort good enough to land an NCAA bid? Unfortunately for Virginia Tech, at the moment, the answer can only be “it depends.”

It depends on what happens to all the other bubble teams. If a bunch of them have flamed out or flame out over the weekend, it may, as they say in basketball parlance, “create some space” for the boys from Blacksburg.

If not, Virginia Tech looks to be a high seed in the N.I.T.

(Photos by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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  1. Why do you keep showing the 2 pictures above from the front? If you show the pictures from the other side, you will see that Tyler had his hand on the VT player's rib cage (which can be barely seen in the top picture). And if you actually watched the replay from the other side, you would have seen Tyler push the VT player away from the basket with that hand on the rib cage. That is why the VT player stopped his drive towards the basket and tried going the other way. Foul, throw in, basket, VT wins.


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