Friday, March 20, 2009


To no one’s surprise in Tallahassee, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden is supporting the university's appeal of an NCAA sanction stripping wins from Seminoles sports teams whose athletes were involved in an academic fraud scandal.

Under the NCAA penalties, 10 of the school's sports teams are being forced to vacate wins involving athletes who cheated -- including as many as 14 wins by the football team. The school accepted the loss of scholarships in 10 sports and a four-year probation the NCAA announced March 6, but is appealing the loss of victories.

Bowden called the sanctions ''too stiff'' and said he was glad that Florida State is appealing.

''There are different degrees of doing something wrong,'' Bowden said, according to media reports in Florida. "You can go five miles over the speed limit. That's one thing. Or you can go 50 miles over the speed limit, and that's dangerous. ... It just seems like they're killing a flea with a hammer.''

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