Friday, March 27, 2009


T.A.H. felt pretty smart yesterday evening (oh, alright, we feel pretty damn smart all the time, but his was basketball specific), when we entered the Swee Sixteen in sole possession of second in a $1,000 pool. As Mrs. T.A.H. was tied for the lead, we figured we were in pretty good shape.

Then things started to go a bit south – and we aren’t talking regional here.

Sometime after seven the power went off. Just a half-second after the room went dark, we heard that pop noise that can mean one thing and one thing only – blown transformer. Now, a peak efficiency, replacing a transformer should be a 60 to 90 minute operation. Obviously, last night, Dominion Power was not operating at peak efficiency.

So, while we sat around by candle light visiting with an out-of-town guest over some adult beverages, Mr. Blackberry kept us apprised of the slow painful death of bracket known as T.A.H. #2.

You see, not only did we pick Memphis to beat Missouri, we also picked Memphis to beat EVERYBODY else and win it all. Young A.T.’s bracket (T.A.H. #1 as we now like to refer to it!) has UNC winning it all, so why duplicate the chalk?

So, in the span of three hours in the dark and one 40 minute basketball game, we go from second to DEAD.


(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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