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Our good friend "Anonymous" left us a note today taking umbrage with our photo editor. Seems we didn't publish the photos that accurately depicted his version of what happened at the end of the UNC v. Virginia Tech game...

"Why do you keep showing the 2 pictures above from the front? If you show the pictures from the other side, you will see that Tyler had his hand on the VT player's rib cage (which can be barely seen in the top picture). And if you actually watched the replay from the other side, you would have seen Tyler push the VT player away from the basket with that hand on the rib cage. That is why the VT player stopped his drive towards the basket and tried going the other way. Foul, throw in, basket, VT wins."

First off we show the pictures that the boys at Getty Images an AP Photos take and we don't have access to 360 degree replays - we're not TAHSPN. We don't have a stable of photographers who take pictures of every angle to be sure we can accurately portray everybody's perspective. It's a resource problem!
We publish what's available for publication.
Yes, if a foul is called, the Hokies get the ball back...but, here are two points to ponder:

1) Hansbrouhg is frequently pushed as he goes to the basket and so is everybody else. ACC refs don't call much of that, and they certainly don't call it on the last possession.

2) "throw in, basket, VT wins" is a spectacular over simplification. Ok, we'll grant you the "throw in", but the "basket" part is a bit more complicated.

3) Unless the Hokies score at the buzzer, the Heels would have gotten the ball back for a final shot. Point being, the game was far from over - call or no call. You might recall that A.D. Vasallo had a three-point shot at the buzzer to win (oops, that would be tie) the game, in spite of what happend on previous plays.

(AP Photo John Bazemore)


  1. Um. If you were paying attention, A.D.s final shot was only for the tie. The untouchable and immaculately free of sin Hansbrouhg and the refs had already decided that UNC would not lose.

    Hansbrouhg is fun to watch. At every moment of the game he always has either a "I've just been brutally fouled" look or a "I'm poundin' my chest good, ain't I?" look on his face.

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  4. Duly noted. We're sure that Hansbrough though he was fouled right after the picture above was taken. Or maybe the refs had to stop the game to remove that Hokie arm from his back...
    Hansbrough thinks he gets fouled because he does get fouled. That's his game -- go to the basket hard. And his low arm trajectory makes opponents think his shot is easy to block, which leads to more fouls. It's actually a strategy -- one used by Duke effectively for years. Oh...and who took almost as many free throws this year as Hansbrough...yep, Malcolm Delaney. Why? Because it was part of his game to draw fouls, and it works. Like holding in football, there is a foul in the paint on almost every play, the refs typically only call those involving shots...If you look at Hansbrough's number of free throw attempts, which declined noticeably in the second half of the season, and you watch a few games in HD, you will see that he gets hammered frequently when he gets the ball in the paint, but fewer fouls were called...Complain all you want, but watch the games impartially and you will see that all big men get beat up, but shooters get the foul calls...better yet watch a game with a ref.

  5. Do you suppose Jeff Allen intentionally positioned himself that way to get the rebound? The contact is probably before the picture, but really, I don't think Jeff is that bad a rebounder.

  6. Who knows? But the issue wasn't really Allen, it's the player behind Hansbrough...All of that said, the primary point was interior basketball is very physical and the refs can't call all the fouls. Once a player goest to shoot he's more likely to get a call...


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