Thursday, March 5, 2009


We didn’t notice this first thing this morning as the spam filter tried to jettison it off to the Nether World, but luckily we caught it mid-morning.

Last night at 10:09 pm following the UNC v. VT game, T.A.H. received the following message from ESPN poster boy M. Hokie Tedeschi whose mug was so prominently featured during last night’s broadcast (see post below) from Cassell Coliseum in Blacksburg, VA.

Dear Editor,

While losing to the UNC Tar Heels with tourney hopes on the line is something that should devastate me, I am happy as hell. Why do you ask? Because moments after I was within inches of the LOML (Love Of My Life). Who do you ask?

Well…MISS Erin Andrews.

Well now, Master Tedeschi, well done.

Please note that this young Hokie respectfully addressed the Editor as such. Nice touch.

However, he did lose a few points with the explanation of LOML – as if the 50-something editor wouldn’t know what that means. Hey, here at T.A.H. we text, we Facebook, we TWITTER for crying out loud. So where’s the love?

This is not young Teschi's first trip to ACC Hottyville. At right he is seen with the Florida State cheerleaders at a Tech v. FSU football game.

Also props to M. for not wearing his hat backward and looking like a Blacksburg K-Fed Wanna Be – we hear Erin hates that look.

Hokie Ice.

T.A.H. out.

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