Friday, March 13, 2009


So, there we are watching Boston College beat Virginia and plotting what pajamas we’re gonna wear when we get the bright idea to click over to EPSN for a little Sport Center to see what’s going on in the rest of the basketball world.

What can go wrong?

What we found was the end of the UConn v. Syracuse game and, surprisingly, it’s close. So close, that the Orange appear to win on a last second three-pointer.

But, no, wait, after a review it is determined (correctly) that the shot hasn’t quite left Eric Devendorf’s hand when time expires, so we are going to overtime.

No big deal, right?

Not so fast.

Let’s count them…Not one, not two, not three, not four – are you kidding? – not five, but SIX overtimes later – not a misprint, that’s SIX OVERTIMES later, No. 20 Syracuse pulls out a win 127-117 over No. 4 UConn.

Where to start?

First off, “classic” is a word used in sports’ lexicon far too much, but it seems appropriate here. Yes, the game was ugly – 66 personal fouls, 82 of 209 shooting and 16 of 58 from behind the arc – but , 70 minutes is 70 minutes .

CLASSIC. Of course, EPIC comes to mind as well.

Orange guard Jonny Flynn played 67 of the 70 minutes and scored 34 points which included 16 of 16 from the free throw line. The Huskies A.J. Price played 63 minutes scoring 33 points.

The Orange trailed in all of the first five OTs and were life and death to pull even each time. They grabbed the lead with a three-pointer in the sixth and final period and never looked back.

Free throw shooting ultimately doomed the Huskies – 24 of 42, 57.1 percent.

(AP Photos/Julie Jacobson)

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  1. I watched the whole thing. Then I overslept this morning.


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