Monday, March 16, 2009


THE COLLEGEINSIDER.COM TOURNAMENT – This tournament is the creation of the, a monthly internet newsletter that has gone big-time over the past twelve years.

It should be instantly famous as the field includes James Madison University – a school that has done almost nothing in the NCAA tournament save lose opening round games three times in the 1980’s and once in 1993 to the likes of North Carolina and Nortre Dame.

Participating teams must finish the regular season with a winning record against D1 opponents. Teams whose conferences have less than fifty-percent (50%) of their teams participating in the NCAA and NIT tournaments will be given higher priority for selection. maintains that the logic for another postseason tourney is thus: During the 2007-08 season 67 teams, that finished .500 or better, did not participate in postseason play. Eleven of those 67 teams won 20 or more games, with an additional 20 teams amassing at least 18 wins.

Hey look: "socialized basketball!" Just what we need.

The selection committee is predominately ex-coaches including Lefty Driesell.

You can ignore this because no ACC teams are participating. But if you want to complain (say, you’re N.C. State for example), the field of 16 includes The Citadel (20-12), Old Dominion (21-10), Rider (19-12), Liberty (22-11), Kent State (19-14), Oakland (22-12), Mount St. Mary’s (19-13), James Madison (19-14), Austin Peay (19-13), Bradley (18-14), Belmont (19-12), Evansville (17-13), Portland (19-12), Pacific (19-12), Drake (17-15) and Idaho (16-15).

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