Monday, February 2, 2009


This just arrived from across the mountain:

Well it's WeatherBeagle Day and again there are issues…

As you know, Wittle Sang (aka. Weather Beagle, Super Beagle, Bat Beagle, CSI Beagle,etc.) was attending the Super Bowl and apparently partied a bit too long after the game.

When we contacted her this A.M., she indicated she was with Punxsutawney Phil in Tampa and that they (two natural rivals) were going to make their prediction together.

However, the party must have been really good because Weather Beagle sent this pic and obviously that ain't Punxsutawney Phil – it’s Pixters, the Round Kitty and judging by his smile he had a damn good time last night also.

Anyway, the two eventually came up with a shadow, and thus decided to hang around Tampa a few more days. They said it was gonna be nasty around here for a while longer.

Whew...did you see the eyes on that Beagle? Reminded us of the old JMU days…Visine anyone?

We think they may have been hanging around Michael Phelps last night. – Bogart Nicely, Clifton Forge, VA.

Bundle up, kids. It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

(Photo courtesy of the Gail Nicely International Photo Institute )

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