Tuesday, February 10, 2009


From a mass e-mail that went out last week. Noted without comment.

The University of Virginia has some of the most loyal and generous fans of any school in the country and we are extremely appreciative of that support. You have made significant investments in our program and I recognize that you expect results. As the Athletics Director I expect results as well.

I realize that many fans are frustrated and I want to make sure you know that I am frustrated as well. You should also know that I am committed to making sure we are the very best we can be in each of our 25 programs. Many of our programs have performed extremely well over the past several years, while others need our attention and support.

Improvements in football and men's basketball are a priority. All of our programs will continue to receive the support they need. The programs that need to improve will be given the proper focus and attention.

Like you, I expect us to win our in-state battles, and to compete for ACC and national championships. This was part of our plan several years ago when we stated publicly that we wanted to be a top ten program consistently in the Directors Cup standings. We remain committed to building a program that will finish in the top ten on a consistent basis.

You have my commitment that I will do everything needed to get all of our programs on track. The intended results are for our student-athletes and teams to have high levels of achievement, academically and athletically, while contributing to the quality of the University community.

Craig Littlepage
Director of Athletics

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  1. We certainly have a ways to go to be mediocre in basketball. Right now, a more apt description would be putrid.


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