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Word of God Christian Academy's John Wall, the nation's top undecided basketball player, has created a crescendo of expectations regarding where he will attend college.

Word is Wall has both an attitude and an ego while also declaring that he will be a “one-and-done” player like O.J. Mayo, Michael Beasley, Kevin Durant and Greg Oden. As a result, it’s unlikely you will see him in the ACC. Only N.C. State seems to be in the mix.

Recently, the Raleigh News & Observer ran an interesting story about Wall and his “people” and how they are influencing his decisions. In several ways, it’s somewhat unbelievable.

For example, Wall is interested in Duke and his high school coach is saying ridiculous things like this regarding a meeting with Kryzxcvbn8ski:

"I'm going to say, 'Look, this is what John's going to do. Now, what are you going to do when he does that?' " Beckwith said. "When you're playing Carolina and things aren't going well, when you take him out of the game and he mumbles, 'I shoulda gone to Carolina,' which to you is disrespectful and it's not the right thing to say... how long are you going to sit him out? If he's going to be done for the year, then don't take him."

That should go well…

According to N&O, don’t look for him in Chapel Hill as one of Wall’s “people” is Brian Clifton, the director of D-One Sports, Wall's Greensboro- based summer-league team. Clifton said “North Carolina was interested in Wall but tersely noted that D-One has no relationship with UNC. When he brought a previous prospect to Chapel Hill, he said, the feedback I got was, 'Roy [Williams] doesn't want to deal with you because he doesn't deal with AAU guys.' "

Williams denies the general allegation saying they deal with families first and the Tar Heels have more contact with some summer coaches than others.

N.C. State is the only ACC school with an inside track as the competition for Wall’s one year of service heats up from schools like Memphis and Baylor. But there is still hope in Raleigh, Wall’s mother has been a State fan "since she was born," and Wall’s people like Sidney Lowe.

(Photos by Ethan Hyman/Raleigh News & Observer)

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