Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Debbie Yow, Maryland's athletic director, has had a pretty tough few weeks. First, her sister, Kay Yow, passed away. Meanwhile, the men's basketball program continues to underachieve while head coach Gary Williams and her assistant feud.

Nice mess, kids.

So Yow summoned the local wags (somehow T.A.H.'s invitation got lost) to a press conference yesterday and said:

"The other reason I'm here is I just really – I would have done this on Friday at media availability if I had not had to be in North Carolina, but I really want to lay to rest any of these crazy rumors that are floating around related to the job security of Coach Williams. He has my personal full support, as he does from the department and from the university."

"You know, he and I communicate regularly, and a couple of the things he's communicated to me are pretty important," said Yow, who alternated her glance from the cameras in front of her to Williams at her side. "One of those is he is very optimistic about the future, and he's very focused on recruiting. We all know that's important, and he's after it with as much enthusiasm and passion as I've seen in my 15 years."

Williams was low key, stressing what the program had accomplished in the past and spending 75 seconds reciting the Terps' many accomplishments.

"It's nice that she said those things. I've never felt threatened by anything. I know what I've done, just this decade. Very few programs have done what we've done this decade. I think there's probably three or four, maybe. You know, Florida, because they've won it twice. You could say UCLA, even though they haven't won a national championship this decade. (North) Carolina, Duke, you know, those two because they've won it this decade. But, you know, I'm secure in what I've done."
(AP Photo/Gail Burton and Michael Temchine For The Washington Post) )

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