Friday, February 13, 2009


PETA supporters Caleb Wheeldon, foreground, and Andrea McIntyre hand out leaflets outside Madison Square Garden during the 133rd annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show Monday, Feb. 9, 2009, in New York.

PETA contends that the American Kennel Club promotes pure-breeding of dogs that is harmful to their health. They would prefer that the animals were free of human intervention so they could run wild and starve like this poor guy in Moscow.

The KKK protest is both in bad taste and ineffective, but PETA doesn’t mind going to great lengths to alienate the overwhelming majority of the people they are actually trying reach. Zealots who’s primary strategy is “preaching to the choir” have never been particularly effective at delivering their message or finding a common sense-middle-ground on their issues.

However, if you gonna go out and protest fur, then have your activists trade in the white sheets for white bikinis. Now that’s effective guerrilla marketing…

Here, two of PETAs foot soilders brave the 23 degree cold to protest against fur clothing before the start of the men's Alpine Skiing World Cup Downhill race on the new Kandahar slope in Garmisch-Partenkirchen January 31, 2009.

Meanwhile, back at the dog show, Stump, a Sussex Spaniel, poses for photographers after winning the Best In Show award of the annual Westminster Dog Show in New York February 10, 2009.

(Reuters photos and Getty Images)

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