Thursday, February 12, 2009


This item, including the photo and headline, comes from the Chris Case’s Yahoo! Sports blog on NCAA hoop called The Dagger. Pretty much sums it up.

T.A.H. will give you our version of the post mortem later today plus comments on swooning Wake Forest and the fabulously resilient Hokies.

Here it is, straight from Chris:

This photo about sums up Duke's second half performance tonight against North Carolina:

I wish I had the video of that. Coach K's head spun around like he was in "The Exorcist". Krzyzewski hasn't been that mad since JJ Redick criticized him in a free-verse poem.

North Carolina made a serious statement tonight, namely that if they can play any semblance of defense (like they did in the final 20 minutes tonight), they're going to be very tough to beat come March. Even on a night when Tyler Hansbrough played average basketball, the Heels still rolled over one of premiere teams in college basketball.

If you watched tonight's game and didn't know anything at all about Carolina, you'd have thought that Hansbrough was maybe the fourth option behind Ty Lawson, Danny Green and Wayne Ellington. And that's why UNC is so dangerous. They run so deep that they can still dominate even when their best player blends into the crowd.

With the win, Hansbrough and Green became the first opposing players to go 4-0 in Cameron Indoor Stadium since Tim Duncan and Rusty LaRue did it for Wake Forest in the mid-'90s.

(Coach K yelling and hurling spittle is classic leadership and teaching all mixed together. Combine that with a J.J. Redick poetry refrence, and well…it’s gold, Jerry, GOLD!
Oh, and Chris you spelled Coach K's name wrong - it's Kryzhgmlpw4ski.)

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  1. My boys were bringing the pain!!! What a fantastic feeling, knowing Danny and Tyler have gone undefeated in the Outhouse. Nice recap of the series here, just to rub others' noses in it.


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